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6 Quart Hatchling Rack Kits (Open sided)


The Sterilite 6 quart tub is a popular and economical option for housing hatchling reptiles in a variety of shapes and sizes from ball pythons and boas to even various lizards such as leopard geckos.

Made from long lasting 1/2 inch black XPVC these fully enclosed racks are not only functional but will make your reptile room look more professional than you ever imagined. For your reptile's comfort this line of racks are provided with THG belly heat (you MUST use a thermostat).

These racks are fully enclosed - if you prefer open racks they are offered with a 10% discount just contact us to place an order.

The kits in this category are designed to hold 3 tubs per shelf and feature sizes running from 6 tub all the way to 45 tub, and if you need more just contact us and we'd be happy to offer you a custom quote.

These racks are designed to accommodate the Sterilite #1642 tub (not included) available at your local big box retailer.

All Rack Kits include $40 flat rate shipping to anywhere in the lower 48 states.