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MOD24 Modular Racks (15/32 and 6 qt)


New from Herptastic Reptiles - our fully enclosed modular rack systems. This line of racks is designed to allow multiple configurations - any of our modular design racks can stack with any other modular rack within the same line. This means you can create the perfect combination of racks in each stack to meet your needs and if those needs change so can the stack.

All racks are precision robotically cut from 1/2" European spec, fire retardant, food service grade PVC. This line of racks utilizes 12" Genuine THG heat tape cut into appropriate sizes pieces based on the model.

These racks ship disassembled to save you money - our robotic cutting machine creates a system of grooves for the shelves to sit in so alignment is always perfect and there are pilot holes provided so your screws are always in just the right spot. Don't worry about complex wiring - we've taken care of that for you - all heat tape is fully wired, tested and packed along with temperature resistant foil tape, all you have to do is tape it into the provided recess and install your probe under the heat tape in our specially designed probe pocket.

Tubs are NOT included with our racks - the following tubs will fit racks in this line

15/32 qt racks:
15 qt - Sterilite 1753 (two per shelf)
32 qt - Sterilite 1755

6 qt - Sterilite 1751 (3 per shelf).

MULTI-RACK DISCOUNTS ARE AVAILABLE ON THESE RACKS - PLEASE CONTACT US (we are working on getting the website to do it automatically).