Please note lead time as of 6/1/21 is 14-16 weeks due to Covid related material shortages.

After a long wait... Two piece 6 foot cages are available for easy ordering on the website!
Made from 1/2” PVC and featuring polycarbonate sliding doors, all our cages ship disassembled and ready to be bulit easily as possible.  The cages feature two piece construction; the left and right half will each be assembled separately, and each half will bolt to the other half to form the larger cage.  Options are available below to add heating and lighting so you can customize your cage for your needs, pricing will adjust once selections are made.
If you prefer glass doors please make a note at checkout, we will find a nearby vendor and help facilitate getting the proper size and type of glass.  You will need superglue (we recommend GEL type) for attaching the sliding door rails, and we recommend you purchase caulk to seal the bottom seams.
Please note all cages are listed by aproximiate "industry size" - Please feel free to ask for exact dimensions if necessary.

6 Foot Cages

  • All cage and rack dimensions are aproximate.  Please contact us for exact dimensions.  We do not ship glass doors, we will locate a glass vendor near your location and we will give you the information needed to contact them and order doors.