Size: 36" Wide, 18" Deep, 12" Tall.

Species: Ball Pythons (all sizes), Colubirds, Leopard Geckos, Boas (neonate to subadult), and more. 

Material:  1/2" high strength PVC.  Sliding doors 1/4" Acrylic.

Shipping:  Fully assembled, ready to plug in or Ready to assemble.


The Ball Box 36" Cage is 36" wide, 18" deep, and 12" tall. We offer the cage as a stand alone product, or add the accessories you'd like from the menu below.  


Made from sturdy 1/2" High Strength PVC plastic with 1/4" sliding doors, this is the perfect cage for your favorite reptile.


Please note all cages are listed by aproximiate "industry size" - Please feel free to ask for exact dimensions if necessary.

Ball Box 36" Cage

Heat Panel and LED Lighting

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