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This breeder pack is designed to put you on the path to breeding greatness.  In this package you will receive multiple
racks to hold your adult, subadult, and hatchling snakes.  

The small package will consist of a ten level fully enclosed 41 qt size tubs, a ten level 15/32 qt combo rack, and a 24 tub 6 qt hatchling rack.  We also will include two VE300x2 Proportional thermostat.  

The large package will be TWO 10 tall 41 qt THREE 10 tall 15/32 qt combo racks and TWO 48 tub 6 qt racks.   Also included with this package will be FOUR VE300x2 thermostats.

Shipping is free on the packages and as always the racks are fully enclosed.

Breeder Package

Package Size