Please note lead time as of 6/1/21 is 14-16 weeks due to Covid related material shortages.

Our Dragon’s Den cages are the perfect home for your bearded dragon or other terrestrial basking lizards. Made from 1/2” PVC and feature sliding polycarbonate doors with a lock. Each cage includes a 24” T5HO fixture as well as a lamp holder for a heat lamp.  Dragon’s Den cages ship disassembled with all required hardware to make assembly as easily as possible, we do recommend you have a power screw driver or drill to make the process easier. Shipping is on the house. Note - cage sizes are approximate and nominalized to ensure we have proper shipping protection in place. Please contact us if you need exact dimensions or require a custom size. Lead times are currently estimated as 8-9 weeks.
If you prefer glass doors please make a note at checkout, we will find a nearby vendor and help facilitate getting the proper size and type of glass.  You will need superglue (we recommend GEL type) for attaching the sliding door rails, and we recommend you purchase caulk to seal the bottom seams.
Please note all cages are listed by aproximiate "industry size" - Please feel free to ask for exact dimensions if necessary. Free

Dragon’s Den Caging