Hefty tub racks - Heat Tape is included, Bins are NOT included.
This rack accepts ONE 34 qt Hefty branded tub per shelf, or TWO 15 qt Hefty branded tubs, or THREE 6.5 qt Hefty branded tubs.  The Hefty branded tubs can be purchased at your local Lowe's store, Target store, and some Walmart stores. 
NOTE -- Customers have informed us that there are "Hi-Rise" tubs available in both clear and grey colors in 18 quart and 40 quart that SHOULD also fit without lids (The "Hi-Rise" tub features a taller lid but the tub itself appears to be the same height), we do NOT guarantee fit on the Hi-Rise models.
New from Herptastic Reptiles - our updated Hefty tub odular rack systems.  This line of racks is designed to stack and interlock in multiple configurations.  This means you can create the perfect combination of racks in each stack to meet your needs and if those needs change so can the stack.
All racks are precision machine cut from 1/2" European spec, fire retardant, food service grade PVC.  This line of racks utilizes 12" Genuine THG heat tape cut into appropriate sizes pieces based on the model.
This rack ships FULLY ASSEMBLED but, we still offer FREE shipping in the lower 48 states - once you receive the rack all you have to do is tape the probe under the heat tape in our specially designed probe pocket.

Fully Assembled 3 tall Hefty